Zoostreet or Unicorn Birthday Parties launching January 2019

Tired of hauling your little’s to Over stimulating, noisy areas and “just get- ting through another birthday party”? We are excited to team up with oth- er vendors to provide an alternative Birthday party experience that will de- light your little guests and have you enjoying the process as well as the party!!

Looking for an awesome birthday party idea? ZooStreet and Unicorn Magic has a great way to celebrate their big day with their closest friends (up to 10 guests).

Our birthday party package includes a live performance, dance party with our charac- ters food options, cotton candy, and gift bags. All you need to do is book and show up. We’ll take care of the rest. No planning, stress or mess to clean up afterward!

Our birthday parties are 1.5 hours and include 45 minute ZooStreet or Unicorn Magic show, 15 minute dance party, 30 minutes for food, cake, and snack time.