ZooMoovz- New Animals and Action

It’s  about fun, dancing , singing , creative movement, imagination and bringing animals to life through the lively music from the new Canadian production - “ZooStreet” . 

The talented cast of girl and guy instructors  from the  ZooStreet cast open imaginations,  encourage movement and teach rhythm,  through the  Zebra Zumba, Monkey Mambo ,  Penguin Polka , Flamingo a  Go Go,  Tiger Tango, Rhinosaurus Ballet, and more.

At the end of each session little ZooStreeters  will shake their tail feathers to a live production of ZooStreet -Mini, complete with ears, tails and feathers!

Our programs will be running out of the  New Brighton, Cranston and Panorama . Classes begin in September!

ZooMoovz Summer Camps beginning in New Brighton, Cranston, and Tuscany 


“You are capable of so much more than you know " Dr Seuss